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Reducing Human Variability in Medicine*

* Company vision - Does not represent proven clinical performance as required by MDR Regulation 2017/745.

Our Vision

We are a team of technologists and physicians who are unified by our common goals

Save lives and improve life quality

Cancer takes thousands of lives and reduces quality of life for many survivors. Our technology can reduce the burden for patients, doctors and society

Additional pair of eyes on every procedure

Our system can absorb experience from more examinations than any physician can throughout a career. Thus, we can help all physicians up to a supreme quality level

Reduce the Cost of Care

Increased detection will in most cancers lead to much less aggressive interventions and treatments, leading to happier patients and lower healthcare bill

Better colorectal cancer detection with intelligent video

With video analytics and artificial intelligence, we aim to improve survival rates of colorectal cancer, one of the most common and deadly cancer forms with 2 million annual cases

Machine Learning on Colonoscopies

Our models are trained on annotated high quality colonoscopy videos. The technology was born out of leading realtime multimedia systems, and has 12 years of research going into it.

Compatible with All Equipment

Our AI works like a trained physician - it analyses video in real time. We aim to connect to any vendor's equipment, be it Olympus, Pentax or FujiFilm to highlight lesions that endoscopists miss.

Real Time Feedback

Augere gives the endoscopist a real time indication of early stage lesions being in the field of view.

Improving Colonoscopy

Individual Endoscopist Performance

On average, more than 20% of polyps are missed in colonoscopies, and the detection rate varies from 3 - 40% in studies.

Making Physicians Even Better

Even physicians have bad days. Losing focus for just a fraction of a second is enough to miss critical polyps. At Augere, we provide a second pair of eyes to catch the easily missed small polyps and flat lesions.

Reducing Variation

Every patient wants the physicians with the most experience. With years of training and 1000s of endoscopies, it takes time for physicians to excel. With Augere's AI we give every patient access to better procedures.

First Product - PolypAid

Intended use

The software is intended to be used by endoscopists (clinicians trained to performed gastrointestinal endoscopies) for aiding the detection of adenomas, sessile serrated lesions, and hyperplastic polyps, commonly referred to as polyps. It is intended used as an adjunct to video colonoscopy for the purpose of highlighting regions with visual characteristics consistent with polyps. The software is intended to be used as an aid for detection and without intention to replace clinician's assessment or histopathological analysis.

Intended clinical benefit

By aiding the performing endoscopist in detecting polyps, use of PolypAid has the possibility of leading to discovery of more cancerous and potentially cancerous polyps.

Current compatibility with Endoscopic Video Processors


Regulatory Approval

Currently PolypAid / COLO-SW-1 is under assessment by Kiwa Dare (NB 1912) for certification in EU under MDR Regulation 2017/745 as an MDSW class IIb device.

Instructions for use

PolypAid instruction for use is available for download here.


Pia Smedsrud, MD


Tor Jan Berstad, MSc


Thomas de Lange, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Scientist

Daniel Mork Engen, MSc

Quality Manager

Ole-Christian Hagenes, MSc

Data Scientist

Markus Drange, MSc

Machine Learning Engineer

Advisory Board

Andreas Petlund, PhD

Strategic Advisor

Håvard Espeland, PhD

Strategic Advisor

Michael Riegler, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Board of Directors

Kjetil Hestdal, MD, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Pål Halvorsen, PhD

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Kari Krogstad

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Even Guttormsen

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Ottar Hovind

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Robert Hopen Sagaas

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Partner With Us

We can't do this alone. We need to work with the leading hospitals, governments, and public health gurus. For additional information about Augere, send us a mail at, and we'd be delighted to pick up the conversation.