Cancer, Meet AI

Early Detection, Every Time.

Our Mission: Save 1m Lives / Year with AI

Our Vision

We are a team of technologists and doctors who are unified by our common goals

Save 1 Million People

Dying needlessly from colorectal cancer every year. Successful early detection can dramatically increase the 5 year survival rate of colorectal cancer.

Train AI Model to All Cancers

Bladder, lung, blood, bone. Anywhere early detection plays a pivotal role, we will be there.

Reduce the Cost of Care

Early detection will naturally lead to much less aggressive interventions and treatments, leading to happier patients and lower healthcare bill

How it Works

Machine Learning on 10k Colonoscopies

Over the past 24 months our expert medical doctors & endoscopists have annotated thousands of hours of video of colonoscopies to train our model.

Bleeding Edge Multimedia Search

Our technology was born out of leading research into real time multimedia systems, and has 12 years of research going into it.

Real Time Detection

Augere gives the endoscopist a real time probability of early stage lesions being in the field of view, and signals this through a red border lighting up.

Our Partners

Hands down the best application of AI I have ever seen.
Kim Smith
Oslo Hospital
Andreas is a bit of a legend
John Williams
Founder AI MedTek
Augere's vision is insanely powerful. They will change the world, for the better.
Liz James
Simula Innovation

Partner With Us

We can't do this alone. We need to work with the leading hospitals, governments, and public health gurus. Drop us a note below and we'd be delighted to pick up the conversation.

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